My Journey of Addiction and Redemption

Are you ready to break free from the chains of addiction and embrace a life of purpose and hope? 

Discover an extraordinary tale of triumph over drug addiction and adversity as Mike Cinelli shares his personal story of overcoming addiction in Reinvented.

In this inspiring Christian memoir, Mike Cinelli describes his personal struggles with drug addiction and the profound grace that led him to the feet of his Savior.

Find Freedom
and Hope Again

Through powerful storytelling, you’re invited to confront your past, embrace your present, and step boldly into a future filled with hope and possibility.

Inspiration and Hope

A deeply inspiring and hopeful narrative of overcoming addiction and finding redemption.

Understanding and Empathy

Gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of addiction and the challenges faced by those who grapple with it.

Support and

Get practical guidance for supporting someone on their journey


Discover how faith in Jesus can be a source of strength, comfort, and guidance on this journey

Life-Changing Transformation

See how the transformative power of faith and God’s love can break the chains of addiction and bring hope and healing.

Meet the

Mike Cinelli is a recovered drug addict healed through the power of God. He is now a business owner, entrepreneur, poet and author, and a serious believer in and follower of Jesus Christ.

In his book, Reinvented, Mike describes in gritty detail the reality and consequences of addiction—from the trauma that fractures souls to the horrible shame that strips one’s dignity to the miraculous, life-changing, healing power of Jesus.

Mike’s deepest desire is to help others to experience this same freedom and healing from addictions and to live victorious and joy-filled lives.

Learn more about Mike.

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Whether you’re battling addiction yourself or supporting a loved one through their darkest hour, Reinvented offers practical guidance, spiritual encouragement, and a message of hope.

Don’t let addiction define you. 

Take the first step towards healing and transformation today. Order your copy of Reinvented and discover the power of faith to overcome any obstacle.

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